Pochettino revealed that Spurs drew Mourinho to continue his team

23 May

              Mauricio Pochettino personally stated that he was happy that Jose Mourinho took over from the Spurs and believed that Mourinho should be happy to oversee the Spurs that he had built. Well maintained to a certain exten

Mauricio Pochettino, celebrity unemployed coach Said that he was pleased that the Tottenham Hotspur, the famous club of the English Premier League, decided to take Jose Mourinho to take over from the team

Although Spurs have been in control for a long time and have made the team perform consistently well, this season, Pochettino has led the team to show poor form, resulting in being discharged from the position in November. Golden Spur "took Mourinho to oversee the team immediately from him.

Many people view this as a surprise decision for Spurs because Mourinho has a strong image that focuses on defensive play, while Pochettino is well-known for attacking games. Stein said that he was happy that Mourinho had to continue working from him. And said that he had been close to Mourinho since working with the team in Spain after Pochettino had controlled Espanyol, while Mourinho held the reins of Real Madrid.

Pochettino said: "At that time he sent me a bottle of French red wine and also sent me 2 Real Madrid sets. At that time, Jose said - OK, following the children of You will wear this shirt - ever since then we have a very good relationship. And I am glad that now he works with Tottenham by replacing me I'm glad I parted ways with the club after making the team better overall. And confident that he himself would be happy to continue working from the conditions that we created

"I have always thought that I would get to work from him. While he was in charge of Real Madrid, I thought - Oh, maybe one day I might be in charge of Real Madrid for you - but look at what it is now. It turned out that he was in control of Tottenham after me. It was unbelievable, right? "   อ่านต่อได้ที่       ดูหนังออนไลน์HD          วิเคราะห์ผลบอลสด 

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